Project management with CWWORK


Client: Cwwork
Year: 2015

Cwwork is a hardwood estimation and project management app that lets you accurately and efficiently manage quotes, jobs and profitability.
The app needed to be an easy solution for managers, sales representatives but also for workers. So this time instead of creating a custom solution for the current features I created a visual identity and modular elements for every current feature and possible features for the future. This way the app can be scaled out easily in the future while remaining consistent





The app’s main feature is the room builder where you can add measures and calculate how many material you need. The big green dropdown button is the main focus where you can quickly switch between rooms and preview their progress.


You can create main areas under which you can create specific rooms. This way you can easily separate project types like room flooring and stair flooring because they are very different and they need a different work approach and process


Every project has a toolbar in it’s footer that helps the users separate different fields of a work. They can measure rooms under Measurements that will help them automatically calculate Quotes and Gross profit. A Job card is the final detailed view of the project that can also be printed or sent to the client





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