Rethinking Instagram

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This is an Instagram concept that instead of improving the existing direction of the platform, it takes it to a different road.

I was playing with the idea of what Instagram could become many years after Facebook purchased it in 2012 so I played with the idea of making Instagram more social oriented. I tried to achieve this in two ways:
1 – highlighting comments
2 – amplifying the presence of profiles.

While working on this new direction, I achieved couple of UI improvements, too:
– bigger profile pictures in the same real estate
– A stronger separation between appreciations and comments
– Managed to completely get rid of the footer and have all the navigation in the header
– Enhanced User profiles


An other Interface improvement beside the ones already mentioned is an interactivity aspect.

A new guideline for motion expresses the app’s interactivity. A good example to this is the camera screen. The switch between the photo and video mode now happens without reloading the screen, while maintaining a clear focal point on the Shutter button during the transition. Switching between camera modes always reveal the inactive feature, this eliminates a possible confusion on which is the active camera mode. The shutter changes the color on switching. Blue is for Photo, red is for Video. So while it’s a different camera mode, it uses the same shutter button. Check the animation below:




…became simpler and the real estate was reduced with 50% as compared to the old version. This also means an interface with more real estate for actual content. This was done by merging the home button with the branding. This is a natural solution because tapping the branding for going back to the home screen is an expected behavior. I would argue that the logo could be completely eliminated anyway but for tha challenge I imagined that keeping the branding is a management decision :)



Enlarging the profile picture for more emphasis on the social media factor

Aesthetically circles by default can’t be connected with the margins of it’s container because it creates a crowded effect but placing the profile pictures in a square form allows for a 100% use in height of the real estate. Convince yourself below: See?




The user profile with much bigger focus on the user:

A small profile photo in a circle transformed into a big cover photo helps move the focus on the user even more. Of course this is just a mock-up, I don’t have that many followers! :)





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